Top 20 Most Important One Word Substitution Quiz

Top 20 Most Important One Word Substitution Quiz

One Word Substitutions are the most important part of the English grammar asked in various government competitive exams. The One Word Substitution question and answers topic are very important for competitive exams like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SBI Bank, NDA, IBPS, LIC and many other competitive exams.  If we talk about the SSC CGL pre-exam then 4 to 5 questions are always asked in this exam whereas in the SSC CGL mains exams there are 10 to 15 questions are being asked. So for getting good marks in the English language and comprehensive section, it is mandatory to prepare the most important One Word substitution for your upcoming exam.

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In this post, there is the top 20 most important One Word Substitution for SSC which is asked in the previous year’s question paper. You should try to attempt these One Word Substitution Quizzes so that you can make sure how is your preparation going on. If you have any concerns regarding these questions you can ask in the comment section. 

20 Most important One Word Substitution Quiz

Here are 20 Important one-word substitution quiz which is frequently asked in different exams. you can attempt these quizzes to see how is your preparation going on.

A person who believe in anything easily

A man whose wife is dead

A lover of poetry and art

Excessive fear of High place

A place where government / public records are kept

One who is specialises in the study of birds

Study of origins of words

Study of the tissues of organism

A person who is specialist in child disease

One who plans to destroy all governments

One who makes a secret plans against somebody

One who habitually talks while sleeping

One who walks while sleeping

A mental illness that causes a strong desire to set fire to things.

Persons who work in the same department of an office

That which cannot be seen through

Occurring at the same time

A person who has long experience of any occupation

A child born after the death of its father

One who breaks in a house to steal

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